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Charms Music Office Assistant

The Oak Ridge Band has implemented the Charms Music Office Assistant for our record keeping and adminstrative tasks. You may now login and update your contact information, as well as review your financial records with the band.

Login ID: The initial login ID is the last 4 digits of the students SSN plus the first initial of their last name. For example, Susie Jones, SSN 123-456-7890, would use the following login: 7890J. Click the 'Charms Account Login' button on the left to get started.

Once logged in, you may easily access the following screens:
Review Finances Click this icon to view your financial account with the band. This allows you to quickly check to verify that deposits are correctly credited, and view your account statement at any time.
Check Student Contact Info Click this icon to view and modify the contact info we have on you. Quickly keep us up to date on cell phone, email, or address changes. This is critical information to have in the event of an emergency.
Change Login Name You may change the login ID to anything you choose. However, if you forget the login, you will need to contact the band office so that we may reset it to the default value.
Other screens allow you to check current events, contact staff members, and keep up with any forms due.

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